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Long Term - In progress

In 1989, Jean-George Affholder calculated and established that the geographical center of Europe is located only a few kilometers from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
One could hardly imagine that the geographical heart of Europe is in a country as peripheral as Lithuania.
In our European imagination we are inclined to consider that the heart of Europe beats 
where the spirit of unity is high,
where the common identity is stronger, where those who are con
sidered fathers of our culture were born and have lived.
Reflecting on these things there is 'Europos Centras’, a nonpartisan and still ongoing exploration of what Lithuania is:
a complex country that joined the EU only a few years ago, a European country 
but at the same time a country under the Soviet domination for decades,
a country that keeps 
memory of those years and which is geographically close with Russia and Belarus. 
Lithuania becomes a metaphor for what Europe is today, of its transformations and its contradictions,
and at the same time it is the reminiscent of the past and of Soviet influence.