Realized for AcomeArno

The name Nerea comes from the greek Nereus, son of the God Pontus that symbolize the calm and quiet sea, and means 'great swimmer'.
Nerea, my grandmother, is for me the holder of the memory of November 1966, when the Arno river flooded Florence, my hometown.
When she talks about those days she said that after the flood, nothing was the same.
Water, mud and fuel have marked not only the city, but also the boundary between the ‘before’ and the ‘after’.
Ferdinando, called Beppino, and Romolo (respectively my grandfather and my great-grandfather that I never met) had a butcher's shop in Via di San Salvi, in the heart of Florence.
"They couldn’t save anything," she said. And ruefully she added "It was a disgrace, an incalculable loss. The Arno took away everything."
The flood has done incalculable damages to Florence but more than all, the river has taken away with it the confidence for what it was considered safe and friendly.
The spirit that has been gradually fading after November 1966.
Nerea guided me in this exploration through memory, looking for what survived and what has been swept away. 

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